Are hooked on video blogging? Do you have a Seesminc account? Then Vidnik is a must have for you.
This Google application makes great use of your iSight camera to produce quick videos for the web.
Perfect for video comments, it also allows you to add a description, tags and place it a category. You can also perfectly use any camera connected via USB or FireWire to record short videos.

Vidnik is still very much in Beta, so don't expect it work perfectly. Although Vidnik works with your iSight camera, it doesn't offer any effects, like the ones you get in Photo Booth.
One issue currently with the program is that it causes a delay between audio and video when encoding your videos to YouTube.
If you're addicted to video blogging, you will very much enjoy working with Vidnik, although be aware it is still in development.

Record video segments using your iSight camera and upload them to YouTube. Vidnik is the quickest, simplest, way to make movies using the built - in camera on your Macintosh and upload those movies to your YouTube account.



vidnik 0.13.0

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